Installation partner

Our mission is to develop awesome technology and the best customer experience. We rely on partners to install, maintain, integrate and service our systems to our customers. Our partners are experts in technical installations, datacom and security. Through our integrated supply chain our partners are provided the tools and services needed to install Defigo and to provide on site services in a efficient way with a very high quality and with a minimum of administrative effort where all communication with customers and users are handled automatically through the Defigo system.

The Defigo partner team is dedicated to helping our partners succeed. They assist in all phases from sales and bids through installations and onboarding.

Why become a Defigo Partner

  • Defigo is easy to understand and easy to sell, as a Defigo partner you will differentiate your offers from that of all incumbent vendors and any other system offered on the market.
  • In addition to the revenue you make from your own sales, the Defigo Direct Sales team will also provide you with solid leads of customers in your local area. We call hundreds of customers every week in addition to marketing activities on and offline. As a Defigo Partner you will receive new opportunities directly in the Defigo Partner App, all you have to do is commit to the projects that you want to deliver.
  • You will benefit from the Defigo sales tools that provide on seamless experience from first customer contact all through installation and operations. The tools automate all communication between you, us and the customer and it also handles all end user contact.
  • We provide free training, tools and resources that will help you succeed. Defigo is easy to install and it will require you with a minimum of effort to get going.
  • We contribute with funding for marketing dependent on the revenue generated by the partner and the customer satisfaction score given the customers on the work done by the partner.

Apply to become a partner

The requirements to become a Defigo Partner is high. We put a lot of resources and effort into our partners, and we only want partners that are as focused on quality and customer satisfaction as we are, so we are selective in who we choose as partners.

The first step in the partner application process is for you to fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you shortly.