What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that your browser receives from a website. The file is stored on the device you are on when you visit a web page and sent to the web page each time you visit it. These cookies do not personally identify you, nor are they harmful.


Why are cookies used?

Cookies help websites remember information about past visits and help you get a better experience on the website.


Why does Defigo use cookies?

We use cookies to collect statistics on how visitors use our website. The information the capsules give us is used to improve, further develop and customize our web pages for better user experience.

For example, the information collected may be information about where you come from, what browser you use and how to navigate our website.


By using our website, you agree that we may store cookies in your browser.


Google Analytics

Defigo’s web pages utilize Google Analytics, and this analytics service uses its cookies to collect statistics on the use of the web pages and navigation information on the web pages. The statistics help us to improve our website, IP addresses are anonymized.


Advertising Pixels

In addition to the use of cookies, we use advertising pixels to analyze and build target groups in various channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We do not receive personally identifiable information and only look at aggregate figures.


How can I manage the cookies?

Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. If you want to remove this consent, you can change your browser settings. But, please note, if you do this, some websites may not work optimally. Some websites require the acceptance of cookies to perform various actions on the site.

Learn more about managing cookies: