29 January 20

Studio Pilestredet Park 2

In Pilestredet Park, you will find the building for the former Eye Clinic at Rikshospitalet. You will also find three Defigo digital screens in the same building - Pilestredet Park 15.

Pilestredet Park is the area in Oslo where the location of the National Hospital was before the relocation in 2000. With its open, green common areas, one really should not have thought it was so central in Oslo.

Right at the ballpark, also known as the square, is Pilestredet Park 15. After an unlucky lightning strike, there was no longer any life in their door phone. When replacing the plant, they wanted a more modern solution and caught the eye for Defigo.


Hovedinngang til tidligere øyeklinikk av Rikshospitalet

Digital porttelefon Pilestredet Park 15 C

Ny porttelefon ved oppgang A hos Pilestredet Park 15

The condominium team consists of 72 apartments connected to three entrances, where the corridors go in an open horseshoe. In addition to Defigo at its three entrances, all apartments have their Defigo Tablet. With the tablet, everyone in the condominium has a big screen to receive their visit with video.

The residents were incredibly pleased to receive an intercom where one could use an app to receive visitors. The time they went without an intercom, they had to go down to the entrance to open for their visit, now they didn’t even need to get up from the couch!