Security and privacy


We value the privacy of our customers and our end users. Any and all privacy information entered into the system is readily accessible to the users in the app, and to the building operators using web admin. We only use private information in the delivery of our own services, and we will never sell or disclose this information to anyone or for anything without explicit consent from the individual user. Defigo can also be used anonymously to the system (in general the building operator would know who the anonymous user is, but we wouldn’t). Almost all services will work even when the user is totally anonymous.

You can read more about our privacy policy here.



GDPR is the name of the European privacy and data protection laws. Defigo is GDPR compliant and we ensure that all documentation is available, that users consent to the use of privacy data.



We built Defigo with security in mind. Defigo runs on a dedicated and encrypted network, all information is encrypted and protected by different security mechanisms and we monitor and log all systems and events. We are also performing regular security audits on the system with external auditors.