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Defigo makes your entries digital, where you control everything from your phone.

Defigo is a tailormade system for residential buildings

Defigo is different from all other buzzer and access systems in the world. Like the other buzzer systems on the market, Defigo has a call button. However, that is also where the similarities end.

Other systems use old fashioned and mechanical buttons. With Defigo, your call button is digital and dynamic on a big touchscreen mounted by your front door. There are no more outdated signs of ugly stickers with Defigo.


Digital doorway for residentials – the value of Defigo

Using the Defigo App, you control what the call button should look like, the text shown, when it should be available and what happens if someone touches it. You can even add a picture as your call button if you want. You can choose the function of the doorbell. Everyone in the household could have their button, or you could make a family button that calls everyone at the same time or in turn. 

When someone comes to visit you, they will press your call button, and the Defigo app will alert you that someone is at the door. You can see them on your phone in crystal clear video; you can talk to them and let them in through the door. 

Defigo is customized for all ages and user groups – if you don’t want to use the app or don’t own a smartphone it will alert you as a regular phone call. We also have a separate screen that can be mounted in a separate apartment. You can see who’s at the door, talk to them and let them in – or not – wherever you are in the world. You can also remove your call button from the screen at the touch of a button – you might not always want visitors.

The video below shows you how easy it is to visit and get visitors with Defigo.


The users control their call button. From the Defigo app, they control all the different functions. The board or other responsible for the building will have their own web site for administration of the doors, systems, and users.

Defigo is a lot more than just greeting visitors. It incorporates all the services you need to control your doorway, also opening it yourself. Defigo has an integrated access control that enables you to open any door directly from the Defigo app. You can also integrate Defigo with an existing access control system.

The video below shows you how to enter your door using the app.


You can also get easy access to the door with the RFID tag. Use the ones you have today or buy one from us.

For the people living in the building

When you live in a Defigo building, you control all doors directly from your phone. You can greet visitors, let yourself in and tailor how you want the system to work, and when you want to be available. Moreover, you can do all that from anywhere.


Greet your visitors

  • Greet visitors with high definition video and sound – from wherever you are.
  • Set up the doorbell button in different modes – individual, family parallel, sequential, or grouped.
  • Control the name of the button, and add a picture. 
  • Decide what ringtones to use on the different doors.
  • Hide your doorbell button when you don’t want to be disturbed, at the touch of a button, or using a schedule.
  • Define the doors you use most as favorites – putting them on top of the list in the app. 

The video below shows you the nifty function of hiding your button. 


No more keys

  • All the entries you have access to shows in the app. You can open any of them with a tap – and you can be anywhere. So, if the repair guy is at your door and you are in a meeting, you can still let him in.
  • You don’t need keys anymore. Life without keys is fantastic. You don’t have to remember to bring them with you, worry if you did and you won’t lose them. Keys are expensive; the app is free.
  • You can also use an electronic key card to open doors. You can link the one you use at work or any other keycard you have today to Defigo. If you don’t have one, you can get one from us. All kids living in the building get a key tag for free.


You can be anonymous if you want

We value your privacy. We designed Defigo in a way where you won’t have to add any personal data to the system if you don’t want to. A fictitious user name is all you need. Even by being anonymous, you will be able to use all of the core features of the Defigo system. Although, if you want to use Defigo to the fullest, you would have to add some personal data. 


For the building operator

When the people living in the building use the app and enjoy all the features of Defigo, the building operator uses a webpage to manage the entire system.


Easy administration equals saved money and time

  • You manage all buildings, systems, and users from Defigo web admin, a web-based administration interface.
  • You can easily program all doors down to naming conventions and by defining rules to each entry.
  • No more keys. Give contractors, and other people access to the doors they need access to for the required time. They can download the app themselves and let themselves in. Also, you don’t even have to get the key back to revoke their access; it is all automated.
  • All doors linked to Defigo administrate from the admin interface and the app. You can open any door without being present.
  • You get an updated database of all people living in the building.
  • You can define policies that grant the people living in the apartment access to different services and to determine what each user can and can not do.


Easy to get started

Defigo gets installed by one of our certified installation partners. One of the best parts of Defigo is that the installation is so easy. It usually takes a couple of hours per door, and we don’t even need access to the apartments. We coordinate the whole installation, making sure it is delivered as agreed. 

We have a well-proven onboarding process, and more than 99% of the users are onboard automatically. We will help you out with the last percent. We define a successful installation based on the happiness of the users and the time you save on it.


Integration with existing access control systems

  • Defigo integrates with most access control systems on the market today.
  • Adding Defigo will extend the life of your existing system by enabling the users to use our app to control it. The system will be transparent for the user so that they won’t know what system controls the doors they can access. 
  • The operator can manage the access control system directly through Defigo Webadmin.
  • You reduce the burden on users when installing Defigo. The tenants continue to use the same RFID chips and cards they have today, with the same PIN codes and readers.


Fixed cost – everything included

  • Defigo is a service, but you decide how much you want to pay upfront and how much you want to pay per month later.
  • Regardless of how you pay, you get a fixed price on the costs. 
  • The costs include all fixes, new features, and upgrades. That means that Defigo evolves continuously and that you always have access to the latest and greatest stuff.
  • We can integrate with existing locks and access systems in the building.
  • We monitor and manage all the operations. If something goes wrong, we fix it. Most of the time before you even know it.
  • Unlimited support will be included, even for the end-users.
  • If you are worried about tagging or vandalism, you can buy insurance from us at a low cost every month.


Defigo is better when things are complicated

  • Defigo is a cloud-based system. So anything you want to do, you can do it from the cloud.
  • You can administrate anything you want across all buildings, systems, and users.
  • The Defigo display is extremely flexible and dynamic. With our powerful integrated search function, we cater to huge buildings with many tenants and apartments.