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Arbosgate1 is a housing cooperative with 50 apartments and four entries, located at Majorstuen. Arbosgate put in the system so that when you enter the main gate the correct entry will automatically open when you get to it. This way visitors won’t have to call twice, and the residents only has to open one door.

Lille Rosenlund Housing Cooperative

Lille Rosenlund is an active user of the Defigo system. They connected their garage door to our system. This way, when they arrive by car, they won’t have to leave it to open the door. A great saving in cost only in garage openers.

Frikvarteret Housing Cooperative in Drammen

Frikvarteret has almost 100 apartments on one exit door. With Defigo, it is easy for visitors to find who they are to visit by using the search function.

Platousgate Housing Cooperative

Platousgate is located at Grønland with one main gate and two entries using the Defigo system.

Promenaden Management

Promenaden Management is a large property manager in Oslo who owns and operates many large buildings in the center of Oslo. Promenaden har a large number of exclusive customers like Gucci and Hèrmes. For them it was important that the system looked good, easy to use for visitors and easy for Promenaden itself to let in craftsmen or others who need to perform tasks in the building. They save a lot of money today using the Defigo system.