Products and services

The Defigo display

The Defigo Display System is a state of the art access management system built for outdoor environments and as such is resistant to the elements, houses a 10.1 Inch outdoor touch screen, RFID Reader, Camera, Microphone and Audio system. The housing is manufactured from UV Resistant ASA with an all-metal backplate which enables the system to survive in the toughest environments with a long life span without compromising on quality.

The design draws from the ethos of ‘form follows function’ and as such is a simple smooth design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The Defigo tablet

The Defigo tablet is a separate screen that you can mount in your apartment. The tablet is an integrated part of the Defigo system. It receives calls just like the app on your phone. Both the tablet and the app on your phone will alert you when someone is calling you.

The Defigo tablet runs on power, which means you don’t have to think about charging. It uses WiFi, so you can mount it wherever you want. Other benefits are: 

  • If you do not have a cellphone, you can still receive visits with video.
  • You can hear when you get visitors, even if you turn off the sound on your phone.
  • It has a great font, big buttons, and high sound, which makes it easy for anyone to use.
  • The Defigo tablet has a mode where you can prevent others from making changes or entering menus — making it easy to use for those with many thumbs. 



Defigo supports almost all RFID tags on the market. We have no restrictions on what access cards you can use. Use the ones you already have, buy your own, or use the same one you have at work. It is up to you.

If you want to buy them from us, then we have good sturdy tags in many colors for a reasonable price. You can find the RFID tags in our online store, there you will also find RFID tags specially designed for children.



More than a door phone

Defigo is much more than an advanced door phone. Defigo can also link to other systems you have in the building to create new opportunities.

For example, you can easily connect Defigo to your elevator. This way, when you open the door or someone calls, the lift will meet you or your visits when you enter. You can also connect Defigo to your fire alarm so that when the fire alarm goes off, all doors in escape zones unlocks for smooth evacuation. We can also connect Defigo to lights, heat, garage systems, electrical car chargers, and many other systems that exist today or to come in the future.


Locks and access control systems

More and more people see the value in a wholly or partially key-free everyday life, and therefore want more modern systems with smart locks. Defigo can integrate with all existing electrical locks. We have also developed a solution for those who want to take the next step. Together with the Assa Abloy company Ceretego, we have created a cloud-based access control solution where customers can choose from a wide range of locks, wire, and wireless, from Assa Abloy’s portfolio. These will then be connected to our central solution.

This way, you get a state-of-the-art solution with the best locks on the market. It is completely integrated into Defigo’s solution at a fair start-up cost and price. All administration is done through Defigo web admin, and residents open all locks with the app or with their tags.