25 October 19

Our first customer and partner in Bergen

This month we went to install our first intercom in Bergen. We are excited to be installing in yet another city.

The need for a new intercom signed up for Sameiet Støletorget. Chairman, Rune Lindseth, got a hint about Defigo from TrioVing in Oslo. His interest was aroused when he was able to obtain an intercom that did not require wiring, in addition to having a reasonable price. He wanted to become Defigo’s first customer in Bergen!

We sent off both head of sales and head of hardware, Sebastian and Marius, on a plane down to the rainy city. There they met our new installation partner Frøland & Noss Elektro AS.

Frøland & Noss is a leading electrical contractor in Bergen and part of Instalco. With their professional expertise, they are among Bergen’s largest electrical installers. The first day was spent doing a site survey and preparations. The installation the following day was completed with training, and our partner was impressed with how simple the solution is!


Residents of the twelve apartments at Sameiet Støletorget have been using the system the past few weeks. Another successful installation!


“The system is simple and flexible to use. The residents have only given me positive feedback,” Rune Lindseth.


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