Below is the answer to the most frequently asked questions about Defigo.

General questions

How does Defigo work?

Defigo is a digital access control system delivered as-a-service. The system consists of a digital intercom, a mobile application that acts as a key, and a web-based administration portal.

  1. The digital intercom is a physical touch screen with a built-in camera that is installed at the entrance to the building.
  2. Users can access the system by downloading Defigo’s mobile application.
  3. When someone visits the user, they tap the user’s name on the screen, and the Defigo app will call the user on their phone or Defigo Apartment Station. When receiving a call, the user can see who is standing at the door, talk to them and let them in – or not – no matter where they are. Users can also easily remove their call button from the screen when they are busy or unable to receive visitors.

With Defigo, the call button is no longer old-fashioned and mechanical. Instead, it is a digital button on a large, bright, and robust touch screen that gives the building a uniform and aesthetic appearance.

How do I let visitors in?

When Defigo users receive visits the visitor taps the name they want to visit on the digital door phone. This prompts the Defigo app on the user’s phone to ring. It is also possible to let visitors in through the Defigo Apartment Station, which can be permanently mounted inside the apartment.

Who can use Defigo's digital intercom and access control?

Defigo’s digital intercom and access control system is suitable for all types of buildings where several people need access to the same doors. In addition to being user-friendly and secure, the Defigo intercom is aesthetically pleasing and requires minimal maintenance. Defigo is delivered as a service meaning that you do not have to think about updating your access control system every 5-7 years. Updates, system monitoring, service, and support are all part of the monthly Defigo subscription.

Can I use the Defigo access control system without a Defigo intercom?

For commercial buildings, the Defigo access control solution is offered without an intercom. Defigo integrates the building’s existing access control system to digitalize, streamline and simplify access and administration. The Defigo system will make your existing infrastructure modern and easier.

How is the system managed?

The system is administrated through Defigo’s WebAdmin. The WebAdmin enables administrators to manage multiple buildings and users from a centralized spot. Customers are assigned administrator rights for their buildings and can modify the system’s rules. Through Deifgo’s WebAdmin one can register and remove users. Such administrative tasks can also be assigned to users in the individual apartment/company if desired.

Does the Defigo app replace keys?

With the Defigo app, residents in residential buildings and users in commercial buildings do not have to use keys or access cards which saves a lot of hassle, costs and significantly increases safety. Real-time access control and two factor authentication on the smart phone ensures a highly secure system.

Can visitors see me on the screen when they call?

Defigo is a very safe and secure system. The screen is equipped with a one-way camera that allows you to see who is calling, but the guest does not see you.

How does Defigo make my life as a property manager/building operator easier?
  • Defigo easily integrates with, and thereby extends the lifetime of, third party access control systems which exist in the building from before.
  • You can easily administrate all buildings, all residents moving in and out of the building, and all user rights from a single web-based user interface. This also applies for third party systems in the building which have been integrated with Defigo.
  • You can program access: Advanced functions and relay control make it possible to set rules for the order in which doors are opened, the time they are open, and more.
  • Keyless entry: You give artisans, suppliers, and bidders access to the doors they need to use. They download the app themselves, and you do not have to give out or get keys back. Entry can thus be managed from a distance.
  • All the doors that are connected to Defigo’s intercom can be opened from the app – and you no longer need to manage keys for the common areas in the building.
  • You always have an updated overview of who lives in the building and who has access to which of the building’s doors.
  • You control the extent to which the system’s users can manage themselves and their own apartment.
Is Defigo suitable for all types of buildings?

Defigo is a system developed for residential and commercial buildings and is suitable for all types of buildings where several people need access to the same doors. The system’s intercom is pretty and narrow and can be placed anywhere. In addition, the wiring required to install the system is minimal.

What happens if the power goes out?

As the Defigo system is connected to city power, the system will not work if there is a power failure. To avoid this, you can connect battery backup to the Defigo system.

Do I need to replace existing locks and systems to install Defigo?

Defigo is a very flexible system, developed to be integrated with most existing lock and access control systems in the building. There is thus no need to replace locks or other systems with associated high costs.

Guides and user help

I have just moved into a housing association that has Defigo as an intercom. How do I start using the system?

It is very easy to start using Defigo. The steps are as follows:

  1. The building administrator creates a user account for you.
  2. Download the Defigo App to your phone.
  3. Log in with the username and password received on email.
  4. Your call button becomes visible on the intercom after you log in and you are now ready to receive video calls from visitors.

Under the “Support” tab in the app, you will find and be able to download the manual for the app.

How does the call button work for offices and households with several people?

It is possible to have individual call buttons or one common call button for the whole office/household which either dial people sequentially or everyone at once.

I do not get any notification when someone calls me, how do I fix this?

If you do not receive calls from the app when someone rings the doorbell, it may indicate that the app lacks permission to send out alerts. You can fix this by allowing notifications for the Defigo app in your phone’s settings. The procedure for this differs from phone to phone, but if you contact support, we will be happy to help you find the notification settings on your phone. Support can be reached by sending an email to support@defigo.no.

I want a family member to have their own call button on the call panel. How do I do this?

To add an extra call button to the panel, a user account must be created for that person. To create an additional user, you can contact the administrator of the building.

The building’s administrator also has the opportunity to allow each apartment rights to add other family members in the app.

I want to change the display name of the bell. How do I change this?

You can change the layout of your call button by going to “Call settings” in the app. Click here to watch the procedure.

I do not have a smartphone. How can I use Defigo without an app?

You can use Defigo without the app. When a visitor rings the doorbell, you will receive a regular phone call, and you can talk to the person next to the door. To open the door, you can dial five on your phone.

You can also use the Defigo Apartment Station to open for visitors. Then you will receive video calls just like on the app – but from a larger screen. You can mount the screen on the wall or have it standing on a table where an electrical outlet is available. The Defigo Apartment Station is connected to the WiFi, and you log in with the username and password you have received by email.

Do you have a solution for apartments so that I can use the Defigo app both on the front door and the door into my apartment?

We are working on a solution that gives keyless entry all the way to your apartment. Feel free to follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to get notified when launching the feature!

Does Defigo store information about when I come and go via the Defigo system?

In residential buildings, Defigo neither shares nor logs data on how you use the app.

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