2 October 19

Digital doorway at Bogstadveien 6

Bogstadveien 6 consists of both an office community and a condominium. Therefore, it was essential to acquire an intercom system that benefited both sides. Now our neighbor has installed a digital doorway from Defigo.

Bogstadveien 6 (“B6”) is a representative office community that offers available flexible offices, modern facilities as well as other services. With the new digital doorway, it is way easier to find the exact company or resident you are visiting.

A breakdown of the screens separates apartments and companies from each other. In addition to this split, there is also a powerful search feature that provides the best efficiency of finding the right person. Businesses can also add a logo to make them more recognizable to visitors.

Digital doorway saves you both time and costs

Replacing the old door phone system with a digital doorway from Defigo saves you time, hassle, and costs.
All tenants receive digital keys in the app, which removes the need for key management. Keys are expensive to replace and can wear out the locks. With a digital screen, which is updated instantaneously changes are made, you save yourself the trouble and money with name tags. From the user interface, Defigo webadmin, tenant management is much more comfortable. With today’s requirements for building management and administration, you will also be able to get a regularly updated list of occupants/employees in the building.

Existing investments made in access controls, locks, and access cards can also be taken care of with simple integration.

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