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Commercial buildings

No more keys, powerful administration and new possibilities.

Defigo is a tailormade system for commercial buildings

Defigo is an advanced intercom system with integrated access control. 

Defigo meets all the requirements of a modern office building for visitors and access control systems. The Defigo system gives tenants, employees, and the building operator a wide range of innovative and useful functions that save time, money, and makes life easier for everyone. 

Why you should choose Defigo for your building

  • Defigo delivers a complete service. Everything included – even end-user support.
  • Use your phone to open all doors, no more keys or access cards.
  • Defigo supports access cards. 
  • Reduce the need for shared services by enabling tenants and visitors to do the job themselves.
  • Builds on and integrate into existing investments made in access systems, locks, and access cards.
  • The Defigo screen is a dynamic sign.
  • Open the door and control any systems from wherever you are.
  • Easy to give and revoke access to anyone.
  • Operate all buildings, systems, tenants, and users from one unified web-based administration interface.


The video below shows how Defigo works for a visitor, and the person greeting the visitor.



Defigo can work as a stand-alone system, or you can integrate Defigo with the buildings existing access control system. This way, you safeguard the existing investments you have made in systems and locks. Meanwhile giving your tenants an advanced and modern system that makes the building more attractive and that makes new services available.

Users and operators access all doors through the app or the web-based administration interface where the system used for the entry is transparent to the user.


How Defigo works

The front door or any other door in need of access mounts the Defigo screen. The Defigo screen is dynamic and changes depending on which updates done by users or operators. All changes reflect on the screen in real-time. 

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Any guest visiting a tenant can press the logo or name of the business they are there to visit. The Defigo screen will show a list of employees, departments, or functions, making it easy for the visitor to get to the right place. The display has an advanced search function that makes it easy to find the person you want to visit. The search function makes buildings that have a high number of tenants and businesses easy to use. The need for reception or other services disappears.

Each tenant and employee control their call button. All administration is role-based, so the building operator can create policies that enable tenants and end-users to perform different management functions.

By downloading and logging into the Defigo app, employees use their phones to receive visitors. When someone is at the door or front desk, they can see who it is and let them in, regardless of where the employee is. They also use the app to open any door connected to the system and to control any function that the building operator has given them the privilege to use.

For receptions, warehouses, shops, and others, we have developed a tablet that runs on grid power which you can mount anywhere. It is connected to WiFi and is tamper-proof, making it easy for everyone to use without getting lost in menus or make changes to the tablet.


You won’t need keys again

  • All doors linked to Defigo or any system integrated with Defigo can be made available to any user.
  • All doors available to a user will show in the app. Users can open any door with the push of a button, regardless of where they are. Making it easy to open the door for the electrician, delivery guy or whoever, even when you are not at the office.
  • You won’t need keys again. Life without keys is glorious. You don’t have to remember to bring them, worry if you did, and you cannot lose them. The keys are expensive; the app is free.
  • If tenants want to use access cards, they still can. Defigo supports MiFaire and DESfire access cards. They can easily be added by the user, tenants, or the building operator from the Defigo app. 


The video below shows you how you can open the door directly using the Defigo app.


You could also use an RFID tag. Use the one you have today, or buy one from us.


One unified administration interface

Our goal is to make it so easy to operate Defigo that you can log in and start right away. We made a user manual and videos, but the plan was for you not to ever need them.

  • One user interface, for everything.
  • Access: advanced features such as relay control allow you to set rules for the order doors are opened after, the time they are opened in, and so on.
  • Keyless: You give artisans, suppliers, and bidders access to the doors – when they need to access them. They can even download the app themselves.
  • All the doors linked to Defigo opens from the app – you no longer need keys or key cards, which reduces both hassle and cost.
  • You always have an updated overview of who has access to the building and each door.
  • You control the extent to which tenants can manage themselves and their employees, or whether you want to do it yourself.


Easy to get started

Defigo gets installed by one of our certified installation partners. One of the best parts of Defigo is that the installation is so easy. It usually takes a couple of hours per door, and we don’t even need access to the apartments.

We have a well-proven onboarding process, and more than 99% of the users are onboard automatically. We will help you out with the last percent. We define a successful installation based on the happiness of the users and the time you save on it.


Fixed costs – safe delivery

  • All charges included in a fixed price per month.
  • We reuse existing locks and systems. We are making it easy and affordable to get started.
  • We operate and monitor all of the systems continuously.



  • We have unlimited support! Not only for you who operate the building but to everyone who uses the system. All users can contact us directly for any questions. Whether it is training, changes they want to make or things they can’t figure out.
  • Our support department consists of people, not robots. You get help right away, making time to get back to what you were doing. 
  • Our support department will help you if anything happens. We are available from 07-17 for support and 24/7 for error messages.