Career at Defigo?

We are looking for more people to join our team.

The Defigo mission

Defigo is changing the way people access buildings. We develop the digital doorway that enables anyone to control the access to their building, apartment or office, from anywhere, just by using their phone. Our digital doorway caters for a wide range of innovative and useful services that make the lives of our users safer, easier and more fun.

We have a commercial product, industrial investors, a solid customer base and a massive pipeline of new customers, and we plan to launch Defigo on the international market within a very short time.

At Defigo, you will get to influence our product directly, all while working in a small, fast-paced and passionate team.


What we are looking for?

Our experience is that it is all about people. So we are not always looking for a specific type of background, experience or education. Our working language is English, and we welcome people from all over the world to come to help us out.

If you choose to apply for a job at Defigo, the first thing we want to learn is who you are, what motivates you and why you want to work with us. When we find that it is a good match, we’ll move forward discussing job specifics. The motivational letter is your opportunity to show us that you are motivated and a good fit, so spending some time getting it right is a good investment if you want to work at Defigo.


However, it is not just about us interconnecting on a social level, we do have some absolute requirements:

  • You have to speak very good English. Norwegian or any other Scandic language is a plus.
  • You have to have a working VISA in Norway.
  • For the majority of jobs, we require a formal academic degree.
  • We expect you to be an expert in your field.

To succeed in Defigo you will have to be autonomous, take initiative and deliver quality results, at a high pace in a rapidly changing startup environment.


Reasons you want to work for us

The main motivator for all of us working at Defigo is the diverse challenges we have to solve every day. We all contribute directly to the success of the product and the company, so at Defigo you are much more than just a cog in the machine. Although most of us have a special field of expertise, like software, hardware, production or sales, we still care, influence and contribute to the overall success of the company. If you see something that you think could be done differently, be sure that things are set in motion to fix it.

We truly like the intellectual challenges that we face on our journey. At the same time, we like to have a good life, play and have fun. So, we joke around a lot and everyone has a seat at the table. In typical Norwegian fashion, the Defigo organization is flat. We work as a team where everyone has a voice.


Where you will find us

We have an awesome office on the top floor at Bogstadveien 27b with plenty of space. We have a close to 360 degree view of Oslo city, a huge balcony surrounding the office, and floor to ceiling windows. Literally everything that you will ever need is within 50 meters of walking distance from the office. The office is no more than 200 meters from the Majorstua subway station, and the blue tram stops directly outside our door.

In addition to office space, we have a dedicated space for our products team with a 100 square meter electronics and mechanical lab. We believe we have the perfect working environment for creating fantastic products.

We have rigged a dedicated room for the times you just need to have a break, set a new company record around Monza on the Xbox, discuss something difficult or just get a nap before you jump back into the game.

Rest and breaks are important when you keep a high pace and deliver at a world-class level. So is food, and we always keep the fridge full of healthy (and not so healthy) food and another one filled with soda. Lunches are often consumed as a part of the working process and we find this to be a comfortable and efficient way of getting things done. Not to mention the days where we work some extra hours and where we need to fuel up before we get the job done.

We also have a kick-ass insurance and pension program including dedicated health insurance.


How to apply

You can apply to the vacant positions listed on our job application site – We get a huge number of applications so we encourage you to use the career portal and not send applications using mail or LinkedIn.

If you don’t find that any of our vacancies are a good match, but you still think Defigo is the perfect place for you, and if you are awesome at whatever it is you do, then we really want to talk to you. Send a wild card application to Joachim – and don’t forget the motivational letter!