Defigo AS

is a Norwegian startup developing the digital doorway.

Defigo AS was founded in 2014 by Joachim Stray and Kristoffer Kirkevold.

Both are passionate about technology and most of all, technology that makes life easier and more fun. Joachim lives in a single family home, and Kristoffer lives in a multi family apartment building. And while Joachim got access to all these cool smart home systems, almost none of them was adapted to work in an apartment building. And that’s not fair. So the duo decided to do something about that.


Our goal is that when it comes to your digital doorway, and all the services you want that needs access to your home, Defigo will give people living in apartment buildings the same opportunities as the people living in a single family home.

Defigo has its offices at the top floor of  Bogstadveien 27b, right in the midle of Oslo’s premier shopping street.  Here we design and develop our systems, while we do all production at Axxe AS i Halden.


Defigo is owned by our founders and employees, but is also backed by two of Norway’s most prominent investment companies. Our industrial owners is a guarantee to our customers, users and partners that we are going to be here tomorrow.

Defigo is made in Norway.


Joachim Stray


+47 920 94 426

Sebastian Gluch

Head of sales

+47 901 83 030

Eline Nami Skogvold

Bid manager

+47 458 19 371

Chris Eileng

Sales executive

+47 400 45 440

Kristoffer Kirkevold


+47 952 90 466

Declan McCourt


+47 465 45 880


Marius Lillestøl

Chief of hardware development

+47 924 46 734

Mohammad Abdalmuhsen

Service engineer

+47 467 24 203

Herman Sannerholt


+47 903 67 534