Intercom 2.0 - always present wherever you are


Expensive to replace keys?

Is it rational for the washing machine repairer to come between 8 am and 7 pm?

Is the front panel door panel always updated with the correct name?

Do you have complete control over everyone who lives in the residential?

The world’s most flexible intercom from Defigo gives the board and residents full control of a more accessible and more fun everyday life.


Would you like to spend less of your day on key management?

Are you ready for an update to your systems but not quite prepared for the bill?

Are you tired of running around to let in artisans?

Want to give your tenants modern solutions that will make them more satisfied?

Superb Defigo intercom lets you save time and money while making everyday life easier for you and your tenants.

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Every day, our customers open the door more than 10,000 times – straight from their phone.

Do you also want a more flexible, efficient, and safer everyday life?


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Do you like Defigo? Do you want to turn off the sound on your phone after a tough day at work? But still, welcome visits to the Defigo way?

Now you can buy the new Defigo tablet right from our online store. Superb picture and with so much sound that you can hear it ringing even when standing in the shower. We think you’ll like the price too.


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